Church Activities And Volunteering To Make A Difference In The Lives Of Pets

cute pitbullAt KGDP 660, we are all about sharing the love of god and let people know what our local church are doing. Church groups are known for their generosity toward humans, but they also have a soft spot in their hearts for pets as well. As more and more animals are becoming homeless and abused, helping human society take care of pets has become a priority for some church groups.

Most churches don’t make a lot of money, as they are non-profit organizations. They rely very heavily on their volunteers to preform tasks for the church itself, or to provide services for the community.

Church volunteers partner with local humane societies such as the SPCA to come together to come up with a plan to help homeless and abused animas find new homes, have enough food to eat, and receive the medical treatment they need to stay active and healthy. Keeping shelter pets healthy while they are awaiting new homes is crucial. Many people will only consider adopting healthy pets due to time restraints and financial restraints on their part. While some people are able and more than willing to care for sick pets, most people will only consider adopting the healthiest pets.

Fundraising is the most common way church groups, and many other groups for that matter, help out. Volunteers and activity planning staff partner up to come up with enough money to help local animal charities. They may hold a spaghetti dinner with the proceeds given to the charity. They may raffle off prizes such as gift certificates, toys, gift baskets, grocery items, dog food, etc. Bake sales are another common way groups make money to donate to charities. A lot of planning and time from church group volunteers is needed and the outcome is always very positive.

Volunteering time to the particular charity, for example the SPCA or local humane society, is another way church volunteers help. Sometimes it’s not only money that shelter pets need, but it’s human contact as well. Animals, just like humans, need interaction. They need to go for walks, snuggle, and play. These volunteers work one on one with the animals. Church group volunteers can also work in adoption clinics. These are the areas of the shelters where the animals are adopted out to new homes. Shelter pets can be any breed. They tend to be mixed breeds, but purebreds such as Labs, Pitbulls, and Beagles are common too .Cats and kittens are also prepped for adoption at the humane society adoption clinics. Volunteers who give their time to these charitable organizations are helping to fulfil the lives of dogs and cats in their community.

Advocating is another way church’s are helping human society to take care of pets. Spreading the word that these animals are in need, and that local humane societies and the SPCA could use our help, is a big step toward awareness. If people are aware of the situation, they can help. They can either help on an individual level, or they can help plan activities within their own organizations.

Animals rely on us to care or them. Each and every one of them deserve caring and loving homes. They deserve fresh food and clean water. It’s up to us to provide for them. Whether you’re raising money through fundraising or donating time as part of a group, or donating money or time as an individual, you are doing your part. Every little bit helps, and I’m positive that if these animals could speak they would thank you for it.

Tips for Applying For Job at Radio Station

radiostationNowadays, life has become a bit expensive, and without a well-being job, it would be difficult to gather for basic needs. In this regard, getting a job at a radio station would solve the above challenge. However, getting a chance to work at a broadcast radio is not quite easy. Nevertheless, you should not worry as this article has been written to offer you with invaluable aid and guidance that will set your foot right at the doors of the radio station of your choice. 

If you are sure you have the right education and experience, then there is no reason why you should not apply for any job at any radio broadcast station. In most cases, many radio stations requires a hard copy of your curriculum vitae (resume) and a demo CD of the work you have ever done to be kept on their files. Therefore, you should avail the above requirements to the respective officials within the stated period.

Generally, applying for a job in a radio station follows the same routine as any other job application. You will be required to:

  • · Write a cover letter following the standard ways of writing an official letter
  • · Present the latest resume introducing the services you have been doing. A resume is very important as it try to show your employer all your details including your educational background, your work experience/skills, and any other relevant details that the employer might require. Make sure you followed the guidelines and examples from this resume resource site to perfect your resume.
  • · Ask them whether you can send your demo CD, and if they give you a go ahead, then avail it as soon as possible
  • · After successful submission of your application letter and/or demo CD, you are supposed to make a regular follow up
  • · However, you should be patient as you wait for a feedback

Nowadays, application for a job does not end with submission of application letters/resumes. In most cases, applicants are called for an oral interview. During the day of the interview, as you approach the station, you are supposed to be diligent and show professionalism of the highest levels that catches the eyes of the interviewers. Present yourself smartly and try to focus on the theme of the interview.

From the above, a little knowledge, enthusiasm, and a lot of hard work can get your foot right at doors of a radio station of your choice. Therefore, the challenges for a applying for a job at a radio station will be a thing of the past if you adhere to the above tips to the latter. Thanks.  

Things To Be Considered When Advertising Shampoo Store Through Radio

shampoo_radioRemarkably, the basic principle for the success of any business is advertising through television, posters, radios, billboards, newspapers, and the internet. For this reason, the location of your business is perhaps one of the most important thing to consider when advertising your business enterprise if you are focusing on local market. To be precise, you should be smart in advertising the location of your business through the various marketing platforms. Therefore, here is a look at some of the things to be considered when advertising shampoo store location through a radio station.

Security in the area

When it comes to advertising the location of your shampoo store, the security of the area is essential. The reason here is that your employees and potential clients want to be assured of their safety when they are in your store. Thus, a sound radio advertisement should fully describe the location of your shampoo store as a business friendly area which has no track records of criminal activities. That said, you will rest assured of running a successful business enterprise in the area.

Accessibility of the shampoo store

Essentially, the location of your business store should be easily accessible to both your clients and employees. Thus the location of your store should be in a strategic location such as near a restaurant or a corner shop where there is traffic all the time. Therefore, your advertisement should fully describe the entire building where your store is located, the corner shop and the restaurant which is near your store. In addition to that, the advert should fully describe all the roots leading to your store.

Convenience of the location

Basically, a good radio advertisement should fully describe the convenience of the location. This implies that, all the details of the parking area should be included in the advertisement as well as the entire parking fee.

Recreational facilities in the area

Additionally, the radio advert should describe all the recreational facilities available in the location. This means that facilities such as playground, swimming, salon, meeting space, virtual offices and other facilities near the area should be described in the area. By doing so, your advertisement will greatly attract the attention of many potential clients who will frequently visit your store after a recreational activity.

Product Variety And Information

Apart from details about your store local and features, it is also important to mention the products you carry and the knowledgeable staff that you have in your store. Competing with large retailers on price is not a wise move for local store owners so you need to make sure you provide extra value when customers stop by. For example, recommend a good deep conditioner that suit your customers’ need or provide general styling guides. If you are hiring people to run your shop, then make sure you educate your employees on hair care products so they won’t give bad recommendations. If you don’t have materials to educate your employees, don’t worry. there are plenty of online resources. Here is a website that I found to be fairly helpful. You can check it out. I found the right deep conditioner for my hair through this post.

Final word

Advertising the location of your shampoo store can be a pretty complex issue especially when you are not well conversant with all the requirements necessary in your advertisement. Nevertheless, choosing the right radio station for the advertisement of your business store will be a prudent idea for the success of your business.

A must attend fun family activities at the church

popeHaving fun filled family activities in our churches often is of great advantage to both family and church members. This is because they strengthen family ties and create good relationships among church members as they get to know each other better. Family ties are strengthened as family members work together during these activities; for people to work together and achieve a particular goal, they must support each other through thick and thin. It is this support that brings family members together and strengthens their relationship.

The following are some examples of fun family activities at the church:

  • · Talent shows. The church sets out a day where different families show off their talents to church members. To make the activity more interesting, the church should come up with a way of rewarding families with best performances.
  • · Bonfires. These are large outdoor fires. Perfect for a family camping trip. During the day, parents can take their kids to experience the majestic nature and wildlife. Make sure you go prepared for any outdoor adventure. That means wear appropriate clothing, bring enough water, emergency food, and survival kits (my favorite things to do is to showcase my knife skills). At night, people sit around bonfires and share stories and their life experiences. The church sets up these fires during some church events. Bonfires are interesting and fun if people come up with interesting activities to undertake during this time. Therefore, different families can be asked to share life experiences with other church members during this time. Also, different families can volunteer to buy snacks to be eaten during this time.
  • · Sports and Olympics. Some churches hold different sports and Olympics annually. These sports are fun. Therefore, families should participate in such sports and compete against each other. An awarding system should be invented to award the winning family.
  • · Luncheons and dinners. Some churches hold luncheons and dinners annually. During these luncheons and dinners, people show case their talents, different foods from different ethnic groups are served, motivational speakers are invited to motivate church members and many more activities. All these activities are fun and family members should participate in making them more enjoyable and worth attending.

To make these activities more enjoyable, families should participate in them and work towards making them a success.
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How to Find the Right Church for Your Family?


Spiritual nourishment is inevitable in your family setup if you desire to have a family lead by good norms and virtues of the church. In this regard, if you fail to choose the right church, then there are high chances that your family will never attain the objective of going there. Nevertheless, in this current world, there are so many churches sprouting daily; each with its own different style of worshipping, preaching, and so on. These complications and diversity of churches make it difficult to choose the best and right church for your family. However, this article presents you some of the tips that will ultimately aid you in making the rightful decision on which church your family should attend. The following tips are worth and eminent:

  • · Where does your God want your family to serve?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer. However, it is possible if you one engages in prayers. Therefore, if you want to get the right church for your family, then dedicate your time in prayers seeking for guidance and directions from God. Since our creator has solutions for each problem, then the rightful church will be granted to you as soon as the request is heard in heaven by God.

  • · Use your beliefs as a guiding tool

Ideally, before devoting your efforts to join a certain church, you must understand their doctrinal beliefs. If you their beliefs and doctrines sound nice to you, then let your family members be among the servants of Christ going to that church.

Ideally, if the programs and ministries offered in a certain church fit the desires of your heart, then you have no reason why you should not allow your family members to join that church. However, the contrary is true.

  • · The type of the attire allowed in the church

In most cases, different churches allow different types of attires. It is appropriate to choose the church that allows the type of the clothing(s) that your family members like to put on.

  • · Make use of the website(s)

Nowadays, the internet is used as the source of everything. If you really need to get the best church for your family, you just need to get your computer, run through search engines while checking on the reviews from previous viewers and other Christians. A good church has many positive reviews. Therefore, from those reviews, you can make your own wise decision that will benefit your family.

  • · Get information from other Christians

If you have good Christian friends, then they can assist you dearly to choose the rightful church for your family.


The above are some of the major factors that you must put into consideration if need to choose the right church for your family members. However, the list is endless since they are other eminent factors, not captured in the above text due to limitation in space. Thanks.
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Benefit of taking your kids to church

churchOver the ages, many parents tend to take their children to Church when they are still in their early ages. Most of the parents believe that the Church will help the child to have a strong religious background. Well, that is one benefit of taking your kids to church, but do you know that there are other benefits that are not from a religious perspective of taking your kids to church?

Taking your kids to church will yield a significant relevance to them in the inclination of their behavioral, emotional, and cognitive development. Some of the other great benefits are:

• The kids get a chance of meeting great nature of friends from the church. Most of the friends from church are less worried about in terms of being bad company. You also might be lucky to land a nice family that could be your friend for the longest time you may have.

• Who doesn’t like free stuff? I certainly can’t let a chance go if I get one. This comes in whereby you get free childcare at the church. At that time when you are in the main worship service, your children are on the other side being conducted and taught in their same age group Sunday school. Now call that free service.

• Another benefit of taking your kids to church is that they will have a different perspective of life. How now? Just think of the hope that generates from the belief that God doesn’t only love you but He has a plan for your entire life. Talk about motivation! IN church, the kids, and you as well, are brought into a bright way of thinking, which will affect the way they see themselves, others, and the world.

You see now, the benefit of taking your kids to church is not just to educate them on how the world was created or where they will go when the world ends. They also get to grow psychologically, emotionally, and even physically.
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